Welcome to Readings by Arrella. 

I hope I can help you to improve your life in some way.

For years I have been on a personal journey in the pursuit of truth and answers, a spiritual path that has lead me to dowsing and using charts and a pendulum to reveal solutions to problems. 
During this process I have made a few discoveries along the way which has changed my thinking and approach to life. 

These readings for me were born out of trying to heal myself where the medical profession have failed. 

I do not claim to be psychic or have any particular abilities, I have simply honed my skills as a dowser with some very surprising and exciting results. 

I work with guides from the spiritual realm who help me connect to the right information, which is why I prefer to work with a photo of the person so that the connection is stronger. 

I am not a medical practitioner so can only tell you what has been indicated on the chart for "entertainment purposes", please consult a professional for advice. 

My readings will help to steer you in the right direction, indicate the root of the problem and find possible solutions. 

Please be aware you might not like what you are being told. (Don't shoot the messenger!) The charts sometimes uproot deep emotions which are not always welcome! I can only tell you what is indicated on the chart, it is not my personal opinion. 

Best Wishes

Arrella xxx