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Yes/No Quick Answers

For this reading, please write down a list title incorporating your name , dated with numbers 1 to 10 down the page such a
as in example below


Fill in  1-10 with well thought out questions that may only be answered with a yes or no answer. Make them very precise. Remember the answer is only as good as the question. For instance, a question such as will I marry? 
You could improve the quality of it by adding in variables such as Will I be married within the next five years of my current life if I stay on my current path? 
Other examples

Would it be in my best interests for my highest good to stay with my current partner in my current life? 

If I stay on my current path, is it likely I will be moving home within the next year?

Be aware that life changes depending on decisions you make so what may be correct when asking the question could be changed after taking a direct action that will change your course. 

Please send your full name, your photo and your list title to 
Your photo is only used to connect to your energy field and will not be published anywhere. Do not send the complete list of questions. This works by connecting with your energy and guides and asking what is the truthful answer to (Name)'s 
(List Name) Question 1,2 etc. I do not like to see the questions. So only your list name is required to ensure I am connecting to the right list.

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