Negative Imprints and Trauma Analysis & Removal

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Negative Imprint & Trauma Analysis & Removal

Using pendulum dowsing and specialized charts, by tuning into your energy field with your photo, my guides will indicate negative imprints and trauma that is affecting your current life. Often we are unaware of these underlying problems that are basically trapped emotions from past lives, genetic, ancestral, from the womb, childhood, teens, adulthood and even parallel lives. 
A negative emotion or trauma can become trapped in a body part, organ, physical or etheric body without us really knowing about it until we begin to feel pain, manifest disease, have blocks to moving forward in life. 

From specially designed charts we can deduce the negative imprint, what type it is such as a karmic debt, basic imprint, program, vow, spell, curse, contract, belief, agreement etc, then when it was created such as inherited, present life adulthood, childhood, womb, etc. 
If it is in the current life we can get approximate age it was created. The area of life it now affects you, such as love, money, health, fear of success, fear of failure, addictions, weight, phobias, etc and to what degree this has an affect. 
We can ask who is involved with this, as often the issue was caused by another or who was involved in some way positively or negatively. 
Then we deduce the emotion that is trapped, examples are guilt, shame, jealousy, failure, anxiety, betrayal, anger, etc. 
Then we find the body part/area it is trapped in, such as liver, stomach, kidneys, skin, etc. 

After all of the initial analysis work is done, which could take some time if you have a lot of issues - please be aware on these initial charts of the negative imprints, there are 609 options to work through! Then we will work on clearing them using specially designed statements and pendulum healing techniques. 
We then check that they are cleared 100% or if any need additional steps to clear. 

As with all energetic healing, the etheric (unseen bodies) are worked on first, which will manifest into the physical body. There may be some initial disturbances whilst the energies settle. 

Depending on the person there may be too much to clear in one session so you may be advised to book additional one hour slots as and when you choose. 

If you have a particular problem you think this could help with you can notify me details when booking and can add into the clearing, such as if you have been diagnosed with a recurring kidney infection for example. 

Please send your full name and a photo to
The photo is only used to connect with your energy and will not be published anywhere. 

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