Tailor Made Reading and Healing

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Tailor Made Reading & Healing

Outline the problems you need help with and using various modalities including dowsing with charts, angel oracle, crystals & pendulums an initial analysis can be made. 

Generally it could be financial problems, health issues, work/career, love/relationship issues, family, home, sports/competition, public speaking, mental health, weight issues or anything else. 

Please be aware that this process can take hours so there will be a limit to the amount I can work on within the session, so it would be advised to list your deeper concerns first and I can do an initial analysis then clear more pressing issues initially. Follow up sessions may be required, which will be on an hourly basis. 

My guides connect to your energy using your photo and will delve deeper into your situation and advise on the best way forward. 

There could be a myriad of root causes to your problems, which are rarely picked up by modern medicine, many of them you will need to keep an open mind for. 
Such causes could be spirit attachments, geo-pathic stress, past-life issues, childhood problems, genetic issues, negative imprints, trauma imprints, imbalances in the physical, mental, etheric bodies, ancestral problems, karmic issues, earth energies, Radiation/EMF interference, toxins, food intolerance's, pollution, discordant energy, blocks, curses/hexes, vows, oaths, negative entities, chakra & meridian system imbalances.

Links will be given for your further research on the subjects involved for a deeper explanation and understanding. 

After the analysis, we can work on the solutions. You may need energetic blocks clearing, geo-pathic stress removal, negative/trauma imprint removal, spirit/entity attachment removal, emotion code, fears removal, energetic changes, chakra balance, aura repair, soul part retrieval, harmonizing relationships, law of attraction guidance, etc.
guidance on best therapies/professionals/supplements/diet/crystals/energy circles/switch-words/pendulum healing protocols

Please be aware when any energetic healing is done, you may experience some disturbance initially whilst the work is being done etherically, remain neutral, this will pass. Energetic changes are necessary to clear the root problems or they will reoccur. 

Please send your photo, full name and outline of your problems to readingsbyarrella@mail.com , your photo will only be used to connect to your energy and will not be published anywhere. 

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