Wisdom of the Oracle 3 Card Reading

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Wisdom of the Oracle

3 Card Reading

  Using this beautiful deck of oracle cards we can take a snapshot of your journey and reveal your sunconscious mind. 

Think of your area of concern when booking your reading, it covers relationships of all types or prosperity of all types. Please state when booking which area you would like to know about. If you want to give a question before the reading you can email readingsbyarrella@mail.com and also state whether you wish it to be geared towards relationships or prosperity. 
The reading will be sent by email to the PayPal email address used, unless specified. 
Readings for someone other than the person who has paid should be notified about at the above email address, so that it is directed towards the correct person. 

Oracle cards are a mirror of what is going on now, remember that life is constantly changing by the decisions you make and by what you are manifesting by your thoughts. 

By correcting your way of thinking, the outcome can be changed. These cards interpret your subconscious, they cannot predict the future as it is ever changing but it will show the most likeliest outcome on the course you are currently on, which can be corrected. 

If your subconscious has a more pressing issue than that of the question asked, that will show up more dominantly in the cards. 

With these cards a reverse card gives advice and protects you from what could be, a warning if you will. 

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