Past Life Pendulum Reading

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Using my charts and pendulums I will connect to the recipient and discover details of their past life. 
Results will vary from person to person as to what details I will be able to get. I have been able to get names, dates, how died and quite a few other details. 

As this is quite time consuming I will only explore one past life at a time. (Generally the most recent). You can book again to look into more if you tell me at the time of purchase that it is a subsequent reading. 

This reading will cover where you were born/lived, some dates, gender, married/unmarried, children, what you looked like, personality traits, possibly how you died, issues during that life, phobias/disorders that you have carried forward into this life, Blocks brought forward to this life that need clearing. 

For example I did my own and discovered my last incarnation was as Sgt. Stanley Robert Cooper, died aged 27 7/11/1917 during WW1 near Syria - stabbed in lower back by a bayonet and fell off a Citadel building. Lived in London. Unmarried, no kids. Opiate addict. 
I researched him and found that he was in 22nd Battalion- Queens, London, killed in action in Theatre of Egypt on that date! I even found a photo of him (he actually looks similar to my dad!), and I found his place of rest - a military cemetery in Syria. 

I may not be that lucky for everyone but its always interesting what comes up. 

Required - 
Recent photo of recipient
Full name and D.O.B of recipient
Email to 

These are only used for me to "connect" with your energy, they are not published or passed on. I get much better results with a picture. 

A PDF report will be emailed to you. If you would prefer it in another format such as word or typed straight into an email please specify at the time of purchase. 

Please allow plenty of time to receive your order and appreciate that it takes time and energy to do this type of work. One reading can take me up to 2 1/2 hours to complete. It will be scheduled in the next available slot between Mon-Fri 

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Past life reading
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Had a past life reading and came up with a lot of very interesting facts about my past lives which showed many fears i have in this life seem to have come from how i died in previous lives all of which Arrella was unaware of. I have had reading from others which have produced similar information. Highly recommend to give you some insight on your present aspects in life.

Posted by Louise on 07/11/2017

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