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I will use my pendulums and dowsing charts to tap into the energy field of the recipient. I will be guided through hundreds of charts, indicating any areas that need to be investigated. 

This is classed as a full analysis reading. It may cover physical, mental, and emotional issues. Examples such as hormone imbalance, allergies, stress, depression, anxiety, viruses, addictions, childhood trauma, grief, abuse, chakra imbalance, relationships, blood, muscle, bone and hundreds more could be indicated. 

The charts will indicate the source of the issue and possible solutions or guidance to alleviate the problem. 

Obviously the length of this reading will vary from person to person, depending on how many things are affecting them. If it is particularly short I will add in an angel oracle card reading. 

Be forewarned these charts can bring some deep rooted issues to the surface to be healed! I will report exactly the answers my pendulum points to so please note I am not intentionally upsetting the recipient if anything "unwanted" comes up - so don't take it to heart. It can indicate negative personality traits that you may not personally agree with for example. 
Also be prepared to be open minded, there may be unexpected issues that arise such as entity attachments, spirits, curses, psychic energy chords, geo-pathic stress, burial sites and angels to name a few. People that are not used to spiritual terminology may not be familiar with some of these concepts. Useful links may be provided in some cases for further investigation by the recipient. 

The reading is not intended to replace professional health-care and other services, it should be used as an aid to steer the recipient in the right direction. Any medical advice should be approved by a professional before commencing. 

Please note this reading takes lots of preparation time. Apart from safeguarding myself, connecting with the recipient's and my own spiritual helpers and higher selves, it can take two hours to complete. Also I can only schedule so much time Mon-Fri for these readings as they deplete energy, so I will not undertake many in one day so your patience is required. 

You will receive a report reading via email given. This will usually be in PDF format but can be sent in an alternative way by request. 

Required -

Recent photograph of recipient
Full name & D.O.B of recipient 

This is to assist in "connecting" to the person's energy and for no other reason. 
Please note all pictures will be deleted, all readings are confidential and none of the information will be used publicly. 

Please send these to 

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General Reading
General Reading