Fertility Analysis & Healing

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Fertility Analysis & Healing

Using specialised dowsing charts we can investigate what issues are arising around fertility problems. This will be by tuning into your energy from a photograph and full name. If it is for a couple, please send both photos with both full names to readingsbyarrella@mail.com

The charts are mainly geared towards the female but it will pick up any problems with the male too. This can work for single people who would like to know if they will have problems conceiving if this has been a worry, as well as couples who have been trying to have a baby.

We begin by dowsing what is the most probable method of having the baby, this will also indicate if adoption, fostering or no children will be the most likely outcome. Nothing is set in stone due to the ever-changing life-choices we make. We cannot guarantee anything, only give you the most probable outcomes. 

We then dowse what type of parent you are most likely to be if any, including options such as biological parent, adoptive parent, grandparent. Then on to baby gender and if multiple pregnancy. 

Next we look at the root cause of infertility. Here you need to keep an open mind as in addition to medical reasons there are unconventional issues to consider such as past-life issues, soul contract issues, spirit entity attachments, geopathic stress to name a few. An explaination will be given about these. 

We dowse on best methods to assist the healing of this problem using conventional and unconventional methods. 

We will then use pendulum healing and other modalities to send healing to the situation. 
Again we cannot guarantee anything, it can raise the probability. 

Please note your picture and full name is only used to establish more of a connection with, it tends to obtain better results. They will never be published. 

Please email the details as soon as payment is made to readingsbyarrella@mail.com
You will receive a PDF report via email with your results. Please state in your email if you would prefer this in a word document or simply information on an email. 
The work will be carried out in the next available slot Mon-Fri. 

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